Effluent Treatment & Wastewater Treatment Plant


What is an ETP?

  • ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant) is a process design for treating the industrial waste water for its reuse or safe disposal to the environment.
  • Influent: Untreated industrial waste water.
  • Effluent: Treated industrial waste water.
  • Sludge: Solid part separated from waste water by ETP.

Need of ETP

  • To clean industry effluent and recycle it for further use.
  • To reduce the usage of fresh/potable water in Industries.
  • To cut expenditure on water procurement.
  • To meet the Standards for emission or discharge of environmental pollutants from various Industries set by the Government and avoid hefty penalties.
  • To safeguard environment against pollution and contribute in sustainable development.

Design of ETP

The design and size of the ETP depends upon:

  • Quantity and quality of the industries discharge effluent.
  • Land availability.
  • Monetary considerations for construction, operation & maintenance.
  • Area dimension depends on:
    • 1. Quality of wastewater to be treated
    • 2. Flow rate
    • 3. Type of biological treatment to be used.
  • In case of less available land, CETP (Common Effluent Treatment Plant) is preferred over ETP
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