Sugar Filter Press For CSD


The unfiltered liquid is fed into the filter under positive pressure, where liquid travels in downwards direction and finds its way through opening on sides of the filter plates. As the liquid pressure increases, the filter media holds the foreign particles and allows only clear filtrate to pass through the central channel formed by interlocking pressure cups to the outlet is reached or continued until the cake holding capacity of the unit is reached or until the filtrate rate becomes too slow owing to cake resistance.

  • Horizontal plate filter press is enclose construction, preventing evaporation, oxidation, leakage and fumes escaping from product.
  • Filter Plates are available in two size. Deep plate for large percentage of cake holding capacity and shallow plate for small percentage of cake holding capacity.
  • The horizontal filter plate even thickness of cake, prevents the cake dropping as well as cracking, thus assuring better filter quality.
  • The Filtration area cake holding capacity can be increased or decreased according to requirement.
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