Juice Rinsing, Filling & Capping Machine



  • inside of bottles are rinsed by spraying water or air or both. Empty bottles are transferred into the rotary rinsing section by an inlet neck guide. The bottles are held from their neck and inverted by a guide rod along their axis. After being sprayed internally, the bottles continue to move inverted for a while to drain the rinse water, after which they are turned back to the upright position.
  • The nozzles have “No Bottle – No Spray System” which is activated only by the presence of bottles, sensed at the in-feed spider. The option of attachment of a independent rinser machine is possible, to build a mono bloc machine of Rinser filler crowner / capper for bottles.


  • The filling operation is by gravity. RECIRCULATING VALVE (mechanical valve) which features 10-15% juice temperature upto the tip of the filling valve constant, hence maintaining product safety without any manual intervention. This valve has a bottom close design and has a zero drip feature after the filling operation, it has CIP features & fills at a very high speed due to it’s excellent design.
  • The other option of the valve is a top close straight valve with recirculating from the filler bowl by means of a pump this is also a efficient cost saving design. An option of flow meter along with pneumatic actuator valve (electronic filling valve) for extremely accurate fill can in now available.


  • Different capping heads can be installed on the mono-block machine to apply plastic screw caps, aluminum caps and metal crown corks. Two types of caps can be applied on the same machine in order to have capability to apply different closure.
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