Skid Mounted Juice Pasteurizer


Category: Juice Project

  • In beverage processing / pasteurization plants process parameters are more or less same, heating the product up to the required pasteurization temperature, and it can be filled in hot condition or in case the filling is required in PET bottles of normal grade the product needs to cooled and filled, with proper holding.
  • However, the type of processing plant varies based on the products, clear juice like Apple, Grape, Lemon etc. can be processed with plate heat exchangers and viscous products like Mango, Guava etc. needs to be processed with corrugated tubular heat exchangers.
  • So in order to process all types of beverages in one plant, we recommend corrugated tubular heat exchangers based pasteurization plant. However we manufacture both the heat exchangers and pround to have a list of satisfied customers with both system to install and exchanger modularity.
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