Fermentation System


Fermentation system is made up of Fermentation Tank and Bright Beer Tank quantities are based on customer’s request. According to different fermenting request, structure of fermentation tank be designed accordingly. Generally Fermentation Tank structure is dished head and cone bottom, with Polyurethane installation and dimple cooling jackets. There is a cooling jacket on tank cone section; columnar part has two or three cooling jackets. This not only can meet the relevant requirements of cooling, guarantee cooling rate of fermentation tank, also help to precipitation and the yeast.

Tank internal and external wall are made of international quality standards of sanitary 304 stainless steel, the Polyurethane insulation thickness between the inner and outer is 50-200 mm. conic bottom install inlet outlet pipes. Tank installation cleaning system, tank roof device, tank bottom device, rotating wine outlet tube, inflatable device, liquid level meter, sampling valves and other supporting valve, equipped with temperature sensor, with the help of PLC auto-control, the equipment can reach to automatic and semi-automatic control. The height of conic bottom is a quarter of the total height. The ration of tank diameter and height of tank is 1:2-1:4, the cone angle usually between 60°-90°.

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